About Us

Way back in 2014, I got the wild idea of creating a dictionary site with a short video attached to each word that could help the user learn each word. Words, especially big words, not often used words, can be tough to remember. I made it my mission to break down every word and come up with the most creative, unique ways to remember each respective word. To me, every video is a masterpiece, no matter how short. I pour my all into each one.

Starting in 2014, I worked day and night for 5 years straight doing thousands of hours of research and content creating for what was then called Dictionary Babble (now Word Hacks). In 2019, I had to step away from the project to provide financially for my family, like they deserved. Three years later, once I got my family to a comfortable spot, it hit me like a ton of bricks that creating this site and seeing it through was my ultimate passion! It’s what I was meant to do!

The reason for The Nerd Werd is simple. We often hear words being used in media, news, by politicians, and teachers that we simply don’t know the meaning of. They may as well be saying those big words in another language! That can lead to a breakdown in communication. Lucky for you, my brain works in strange ways, and I’m able to help you see words in a way you may never have thought. THAT is Werd Nerd!

Join us as we grow this site into the monster it’s destined to be! There is TRULY no limit to what this site can grow to! We’ll “hack” it ALL! Picture coming to our site to learn anything you want to memorize quickly. THAT’S what the future of The Werd Nerd will be! It excites me just to type it! Let’s GO!!!