About Us

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The Werd Nerd is a video memorization site dedicated to assisting the user in the memorization of any and all things. From complex words, to many of the various school subjects, The Werd Nerd will tackle it all! We want our users to not only learn and memorize, but to be entertained as well! Passion and attention to detail is poured into each and every video to the benefit of YOU, the user.👍

Back in 2014, the Founder of The Werd Nerd came up with the idea of a dictionary that not only defined words, but provided a helpful, simple way to remember the word. Through the years the concept has evolved into what you see today. The Werd Nerd has gone through several name changes. However, one thing has remained the same, the insatiable desire to create the largest, most unique memorization site on the internet! We believe that learning is a colossal waste of time, if you aren’t retaining what you learn. That’s why we exist! We solve this ubiquitous problem!

If you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy creating it, we feel confident you’ll remain part of The Werd Nerd family as we continue to GROW! At least we hope you will! 😊

Again, welcome to our/your site and enjoy!!🙌